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Chevy Corvette Track Day Prep

Corvette TrackDay Prep

Youve purchased the Chevy Corvette of your dreams from Stasek Chevrolet in Wheeling, IL, and want to take your driving experience to the next level, so what do you do? Many Corvette drivers love taking their Corvette out onto the racetrack for an exhilarating, one-of-a-kind driving experience.

Before you head out for your first Chevrolet Corvette track day, you will need to prepare yourself ahead of time and afterward. Take a look below to see how you can prep your Chevy Corvette for the racetrack of your choosing before and after your race. Well also give you some tips on the many performance-enhancing Corvette features to help you make the most of your day.

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If you bought a new Corvette from Stasek Chevrolet, youll want to make sure you hit the break-in period of 1,500 miles. New vehicle break in ensures a prolonged performance and excellent driving precision, as well as ensuring a safe track drive.

In general, you must take special care of your Corvette and take extra precautions to get it into top condition. The table below provides more detail into how youre supposed to break in your vehicle in preparation for your first track day.

Part/Driving Behavior Time Period Recommended Action
Tires First 200 miles Drive at moderate speeds and avoid hard cornering
Brake linings First 200 miles Avoid making hard stops (recommended every time brake linings are replaced)
Full-throttle starts and abrupt stops First 500 miles Avoid full-throttle starts and abrupt stops
Exceeding 4,000 RPM First 500 miles Avoid exceeding 4,000 RPM
Cruise control or driving at one constant speed First 500 miles Avoid cruise control or driving at one constant speed
Letting the engine labor or lugging the engine First 500 miles Avoid letting the engine labor or lugging the engine. With a manual transmission, shift to the next lower gear (this rule applies at all times, not just during the break-in period)
Track or competitive driving First 1,500 miles Do not participate in track events, sport driving schools, or similar activities
Engine oil First 1,500 miles Check engine oil with every refueling and add if necessary (oil and fuel consumption may be higher than normal during the first 1,500 miles)

After the new vehicle break-in process, you must season the brakes by following the steps below:

  • Medium brake application:Apply the brakes 25 times starting at 60 MPH to 30 MPH while decelerating. Drive for at least 0.6 miles between applying the brakes.
  • Hard brake application:Readily apply the brakes from 60 MPH to 15 MPH while decelerating. Drive for at least 0.6 miles between stops. Repeat until the brake pedal travel starts to increase.
  • Cool down:Drive at 60 MPH for approximately 10 miles without using the brakes.
  • Medium brake application:Apply the brakes 25 times from 60 MPH to 30 MPH while decelerating. Drive for at lease 0.6 miles between applications.

Another Chevrolet Corvette track day prep you should conduct is to check the tire pressure and ensure proper wheel alignment specifically for racing. Refer to your owners manual for proper inflation pressure and wheel alignment settings. If in doubt, contact Stasek Chevrolet with any questions.

Finally, Corvette drivers should check the fluid levels in their vehicle, which includes oil, brake fluid, and rear axle fluid. Again, please refer to your owners manual for details on adjusting fluid levels for racing.

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Finally, the day has come! How can you make sure your track experience is exceptional? The new Chevy Corvette is available with a few excellent tools to help you track your performance and make your track day much more enjoyable.

  • Driver Mode Selector comes with five diverse driving modes and even allows you to electronically calibrate up to 12 variables. We recommend Track mode when you hit the raceway.
  • Available with certain add-on packages, Magnetic Selective Ride Control™ provides a smoother and safer ride by offering optimal traction for both everyday driving and on the racetrack.
  • Perhaps the most valuable feature to Corvette drivers is the Performance Data Record, which records every aspect of your driving, including real-time audio and video.


It is extremely important to return the vehicle back to original factory settings with the proper fluids before normal street driving. Wheeling, IL area Corvette drivers should also do the following:

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  • Remove brake rotor cooling rings
  • Return tire pressure settings to factory
  • Return wheel alignment settings to factory
  • Reattach front license plate bracket if removed
  • Replace oil
  • Replace brake fluid
  • Replace rear axle fluid
  • Rotate Driver Mode Selector out of Track mode.

We recommend that you refer to your owners manual to check original factory settings.

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