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Have you ever wondered how to go about selling your car in the Wheeling, IL area? Selling your vehicle online can be dangerous and its hard to get the money youre looking for. Using auction websites can be a great way to lose a lot money or spend a week watching your vehicle get zero attention. Well give your car the attention it deserves and pay cash on the spot. Trade-In Your Vehicle and Get a Tax Break

Are you a Wheeling, IL area driver looking for a tax break?

Trading in a vehicle is a great way to save on taxes. Illinois law states that customers buying a new vehicle and trading in an old one dont have to pay taxes on the amount of the trade in. Getting a $5,000 trade in on a $20,000 vehicle amounts to a savings of $500. Wheeling, IL area drivers looking to save on taxes can trade-in their vehicle at Stasek Chevrolet to get the tax breaks.

Well Buy Yours Even If You Dont Buy Ours

The team at Stasek Chevrolet would love for you to buy our vehicle, but well buy your Wheeling, IL area car even if you dont buy ours. Stasek Chevrolet offers the latest in new Chevy inventory and a large selection of pre-owned options for Wheeling, IL area drivers to choose from. We understand if our inventory isnt what youre looking for, but that wont stop us from buying your trade-in. Well buy your car, no matter what and without any hard feelings if you dont purchase one of ours.

Any Make, Model or Condition Accepted

Stasek Chevrolet will accept any make, any model or any condition in a trade-in and provide fair value for it. If youre a Wheeling, IL area driver looking to get rid of an older model and get cash for it, Stasek Chevrolet is the ideal dealership location to accept your trade-in. Reach out to our team through our website, by phone or bring your older model car to our Wheeling, IL area Chevy dealership today.

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